World Gin Awards 2022

Welcome to Beachtree Distilling Co.

We are the home of small-batch artisan gin, ethically handcrafted on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

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BeachTree: Sunny Coast Distillery Takes Home Country’s BEST Contemporary Gin and the GOLD for Organic Koala.

Beachtree Distilling Co. is thrilled to announce that our Sunny Coast Distillery placed first in Australia, winning 'Australia's BEST Contemporary Style Gin' category at the World Gin Awards 2022. Our next win came from our Koala Gin, which also won gold among the...

Best Australian Contemporary Gin at the 2022 World Gin Awards.

With huge happiness, we are able to share that our Organic Quokka Gin (berry-forward) won the BEST Australian Contemporary Gin at the 2022 World Gin Awards. And our Organic Koala Gin (citrus-forward) won GOLD too! Creating beautiful gins is a work of art, and we are...

Spirits From The Land

Bright and potent juniper berries ignite flavour into our gins, while native flavour accents (like lemon myrtle) are added to create unique profiles. We use our national creatures and landscapes to inspire our creations, drawing influence from fruits, art, animals,...

Our Home

Our town's name, Caloundra, likely comes from the Indigenous Kabi word "Callanda", which means 'beautiful place' - or the word "Cullowundoor", which means 'beech tree'. Either way, we agree. The land is rich in Aboriginal history and influence, something we take very...

A ‘Spiritual’ Celebration of Australian Bush Tucker and Pride

Nestled in the brilliantly sunshiny coast of Caloundra lies our proud little distillery. It sits close to an inspiring botanical park, full of thriving life and creatures, and nearby to the beautiful coastal beaches and resorts. We are Beachtree Distilling Co. and...

Trees Help Biodiversity to Thrive

In Australia and the world, many animals, birds, and insects call trees home. Did you know that one single tree can be home to hundreds of mammals, plants, insects, and more? Trees provide habitat to over 80% of the world's biodiversity life found on the land surface...
shadow beachtree distilling co

Meet our Distillery Dog Shadow

Hi Humans, they call me Shadow, and I am the local resident distillery dog here at Beachtree Distilling Co. I joined the group at a young age as I knew they were working super hard and needed an extra 4 paws for support. Previously I spent my time chasing some very...
one bootle one tree beachtree distilling co

Why Plant Trees?

WHY PLANT TREES? Why is the Planting of Trees in Australia Important? While you are drinking Gin…


First Nations-owned + crafted

Our mission is to follow our ancestors by using ethical and sustainable methods. The result? World-class spirits, crafted using aromatic native botanicals.

Sustainable practices

Our base spirit is made from certified organically grown sugar cane. We harvest with sustainable practices, without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

One bottle, One tree

Our promise to you (and the planet) is simple. Each and every bottle sold = one tree planted.

Visit our distillery

Come enjoy a gin or vodka cocktail at our cellar door. Our beautiful distillery is in Caloundra, at the southern tip of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.


Our Story

The Beachtree Distillery Co. journey begins with ancient knowledge, passed down through generations. This wisdom is amplified by innovative science and engineering. Our resulting small-batch, handcrafted artisan products seek to transport spirit-lovers across our great Australian landscapes.

Founded in 2020 by Caloundra locals Kirra and Steve, Beachtree Distilling Co. was born out of our love for this country, and our passion for creating innovative, high-quality spirits. From bush to bottle, we’re committed to cultivating change and caring for our Country via sustainable and ethical practices.