Why is the Planting of Trees in Australia Important?


Trees Help Biodiversity to Thrive

In Australia and the world, many animals, birds, and insects call trees home. Did you know that one single tree can be home to hundreds of mammals, plants, insects, and more? Trees provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s biodiversity life found on the land surface of this planet. And did you know that this has been shown to provide a direct link to human health? We love this! Planting trees play a huge role in protecting the planet’s ecosystem.

Improving the Air You Breathe

Let’s start with the simple things. They clean the air we breathe- and they absorb the harmful carbon from the atmosphere. Not so simple is it! But the simple fact is, without trees, life could not continue. Through the bark and leaves on the trees, they absorb all the harmful pollutants in the air, like nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide. This helps to offset carbon and reduce the effect of climate change on this planet.

Protection of the Land

Trees protect the land in many ways. They do this by helping the soil absorb and retain water. One way they do this is by assisting the soil in absorbing and retaining water. Trees also provide nutrients for plants and release water into streams, lakes, and rivers. Trees improve water quality as they do this. Which then enhances the quality of the water we all drink.

Trees Provide Food We Eat and Enjoy

Many of the delicious foods we enjoy every day come from trees. Some of our favourites: oranges, lemons and limes, come from trees. Apples, peaches, mangoes, and papaya too. A large number of spices come from various parts of a tree, including cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Trees also supply delicious walnuts, pecans, almonds, and cashews. We can not forget to mention that they also supply cocoa, known as chocolate and the sweet delicious maple syrup.

Trees Improve our Mental Health

You probably never attributed a tree to the benefits of mental health. But being amongst trees has real-world life health benefits. Studies have shown that it reduces stress, feelings of anger and depression. These real-world results have been measured by lower blood pressure, slower heartbeats and altered brainwaves. Who knew trees could be this helpful!

So why plant trees?

25% of the main ingredients in medications come from trees. And this is steadily rising due to the increased awareness of the benefits of nature. Planting of trees also provides tens of thousands of jobs across Australia and the world.

But honestly, it does not stop there! There are many many benefits to planting a tree in this beautiful country. As you help the little world of Beachtree Distilling Co expand, you are making an extraordinary difference to the land and this planet we call home.