Founded in 2020, Beachtree Distilling Co. was born out of our love for this country, and our passion for creating tasty, high-quality spirits.


From Bush to Bottle, we’re committed to cultivating change and caring for our Country. And we are committed to using sustainable and ethical practices in all aspects of our business.


Partners in love, life and business, Steve and Kirra make a dream team!

Beachtree Distilling Co.  was sparked by their shared love for:

high-quality and tasty spirits

creating something new


using organic and native botanicals

Inspired by their connection to the Australian land, both are proud and passionate to share their knowledge and creations. Plus, they make excellent brew buddies! Always ready to share a drop and have a laugh.


Steve, a Kamilaroi man, is our master distiller. His experience in electrotechnology and engineering has allowed him to create a unique distillation and filtration method. He continues to fine-tune his process by researching and experimenting with ways to produce a distinctive Australian collection of smooth gins, vodkas and liqueurs.

He has always made home brews—trying out different infusions, with some working and some not. Eventually, he settled on a career in the engineering and electrical world. After many years working in his trades, Steve now combines his two passions. The result—creating gin and vodka at Beachtree.

Steve has a strong love for the Australian bush and has been fundamental in the experimentation of combining the traditional ingredients with the native botanicals you will find intricately balanced in our gins. 



Kirra grew up on Bundjalung country and had an eclectic upbringing. She remembers from a very young age her mother’s family making wine, and being hoisted into large barrels, joining other kids to stamp on grapes until their feet were stained with the crimson juices of the grapes.

Through the years, Kirra’s mum and Nonna introduced her to the world of delicious wine, grappa, food, fresh herbs, spices and homegrown fresh produce.

On her father’s farm, she learnt about all things farming. From riding dirt bikes, working with cattle and growing macadamia trees. She was always getting dirty and working the land.

Kirra turned her passion for freshly grown produce and being active into a career spanning the fitness, health, nutrition and wellness industries. She brings this knowledge to all our creations, ensuring no nasty additives or preservatives enter our products while keeping the great taste in every drop.


Hi Humans, they call me Shadow, and I am the local resident distillery dog here at Beachtree Distilling Co. I joined the group at a young age as I knew they were working super hard and needed an extra 4 paws for support. Previously I spent my time chasing some very small kids around and sleeping lots.

Now I help my humans run this operation. I am not quite sure what it is they do. I see them making lots of things to drink and they seem to spend a lot of time working on large machines, but I think my job is way harder. Yesterday I had to help load 200kgs of fresh sugar cane into the truck. It is huge work for a little puppy, but it had to be done.

When I am not working in the business, you will find me enjoying long walks, chasing water at the dog beach, and resting in the shady areas around Sunny QLD. I also love to chew everything in the house. My favourite treats are finding the kids teddybears on the ground and having a chew on them, and sometimes I play hide and seek with them, it is SO much fun.

Anyway, that’s enough about me for now, I have to go drink some sugar cane juice, sorry did I say drink, I really did mean help, help with the sugar cane juicing 😉