Employee info

Employee Information

Letter of engagement

I am pleased to offer you casual employment.

  1. Position

1.1_ Your employment will be on a casual basis, as required.

1.2_ Each occasion that you work will be a separate contract of employment which ceases at the end of that engagement.

1.3_ As a casual employee, there is no guarantee of ongoing or regular work.  Work is allocated based on performance and your availability.

1.4_ The duties of this role are in the position description. On each occasion that you work you will be required to perform these duties and any others duties the employer may assign to you, having regard to your skills, training and experience.

1.5_ You will be required to perform your duties at 14 Industrial Avenue, Caloundra West, or elsewhere as reasonably directed by the employer.

1.6 _ You are required to notify your availability for shifts. Once the roster is released the expectation is that you work the allocated shifts.

1.7_Shifts may occur on weekends.

1.8_ You are employed to maintain the premise from a perspective of safety, cleanliness and community. You have a responsibility to always promote and protect the dignity, privacy and safety of all people with whom you come in contact. You shall not enter into personal relationships which damage the establishment and maintenance of professional trust. You are to promote the mission of the business, which are:

____ Beachtree Distilling Co. are the creators of premium spirits that are extraordinarily beautiful and unique. They pair premium organic ingredients with original artwork to an indulgent experience for our customers. In creating their uniquely Australian spirits, they aim to stimulate growth and change through meaningful community partnerships.

1.9   Beachtree Distilling Co. is on occasions a social environment and you are to encourage and facilitate this social community from a whole of business perspective. You are not permitted to facilitate outside activities that could damage the establishment or impact on the customer base.

  1. Terms and conditions of employment

2.1_ Unless more generous provisions are provided in this letter or in the attached Schedule, the terms and conditions of your employment will be those set out in the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing Award [MA000073] and/or Hospitality Industry (General) Award [MA000009] and applicable legislation. This includes, but is not limited to, the National Employment Standards in the Fair Work Act 2009.

3.1 _ You will be paid at the rate as agreed, including the applicable loading. Refer to the Award for casual salary.

3.2_ You will be paid weekly to the bank account nominated by you.

3.3 _ The employer will also make superannuation payments on your behalf in accordance with the Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992.

  1. Your obligations to the employer

4.1_ You will be required to:

(a)_ perform all duties to the best of your ability at all times;

(b)_ use your best endeavours to promote and protect the interests of the employer; and

(c)_ follow all reasonable and lawful directions given to you by the employer, including complying with policies and procedures as amended from time to time. These policies and procedures are not incorporated into your contract of employment.

  1. Confidentiality

5.1_ By accepting this letter of offer, you acknowledge and agree that you will not, during the course of your employment or thereafter, except with the consent of the employer, as required by law or in the performance of your duties, use or disclose confidential information relating to the business of the employer, including but not limited to client lists, trade secrets, client details and pricing structures. In addition to this acknowledgement you have read, understood and agreed to the confidentiality agreement (Beachtree Confidentiality Agreement)  available at the following https://www.dropbox.com/s/5021q94mz1rm4fp/BEACHTREE_Confidentiality%20agreement_v1%202-1.pdf?dl=0

5.2   Any employee disclosing confidential information to any unauthorised person or persons will render the employee subject to disciplinary action, which may result in dismissal.

  1. Entire agreement

6.1_ The terms and conditions referred to in this letter constitute all of the terms and conditions of your employment and replace any prior understanding or agreement between you and the employer.

6.2_ The terms and conditions referred to in this letter may only be varied by a written agreement signed by both you and the employer.

  1. Dispute process and conflicts of interest

7.1_ The dispute resolution will be in accordance with the relevant Act. In the first instance the matter is to be raised and discussed between the employee and the direct supervisor. If the matter cannot be resolved then the matter is to be deal with by the senior levels of management.

7.2_ You are required to disclose conflicts of interest immediately. Conflicts of interest include but are not limited to; working in or for a similar activity or the promotion of other activities that can impact on customer attendance.

7.3_By completing this letter of offer you have read, understood and agreed to all dispute process and conflict processors as also outlined in the Beachtree Confidentiality Agreement available at the following https://www.dropbox.com/s/5021q94mz1rm4fp/BEACHTREE_Confidentiality%20agreement_v1%202-1.pdf?dl=0

  1. Position


You are required to demonstrate and maintain a professional relationship with customers at all times.

  1. Mobile phone usage

9.1_ Your mobile phone is only to be used for work purposes or in emergencies. You are not permitted to use your phone for social activities.

9.2 By completing this letter of offer you have read, understood and agreed to the Beachtree Workplace Health and Safety document found here:  followinghttps://www.dropbox.com/home/BEACHTREE%20STAFF%20DOCUMENTS%20-%20WEBSITE%20LINK?select=BEACHTREE_Confidentiality+agreement_v1+2-1.pdf&preview=BEACHTREE+WORKPLACE+POLICY+%282%29.pdf

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions of employment, please don’t hesitate to contact Kirra Daley on 0406 427 575

Employees and employers may also seek information about minimum terms and conditions of employment from the Fair Work Ombudsman. You can contact them on 13 13 94 or visit their website at www.fairwork.gov.au.

To accept this offer of employment please respond by completing and submitting the below:



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