Hi Humans, they call me Shadow, and I am the local resident distillery dog here at Beachtree Distilling Co. I joined the group at a young age as I knew they were working super hard and needed an extra 4 paws for support. Previously I spent my time chasing some very small kids around and sleeping lots.

Now I help my humans run this operation. I am not quite sure what it is they do. I see them making lots of things to drink and they seem to spend a lot of time working on large machines, but I think my job is way harder. Yesterday I had to help load 200kgs of fresh sugar cane into the truck. It is huge work for a little puppy, but it had to be done.

When I am not working in the business, you will find me enjoying long walks, chasing water at the dog beach, and resting in the shady areas around Sunny QLD. I also love to chew everything in the house. My favourite treats are finding the kids teddybears on the ground and having a chew on them, and sometimes I play hide and seek with them, it is SO much fun.

Anyway, that’s enough about me for now, I have to go drink some sugar cane juice, sorry did I say drink, I really did mean help, help with the sugar cane juicing