Beachtree Distilling Co. is thrilled to announce that our Sunny Coast Distillery placed first in Australia, winning ‘Australia’s BEST Contemporary Style Gin’ category at the World Gin Awards 2022. Our next win came from our Koala Gin, which also won gold among the esteemed judges.

The Organic Quokka Gin, is inspired by the happiest animals on Earth; quokkas. This gin is for berry lovers. Handcrafted in small batches at our distillery, we use organically grown juniper, rosella, bilberries, and Mountain Pepper Berries, to give it a fruity berry front and warm finish. They balance that with native Australian botanicals, including lemon myrtle, so you’re left with a sweet spiced flavour.

Inspiration for the Organic Koala Gin comes from walks through the Australian bush. The fresh, crisp scent of eucalyptus evokes memories of exploring and marvelling amongst nature.

Here at Beachtree Distilling Co. we pride ourselves on making organic, pure, and flavourful spirits. Come visit us at 14 Industrial Avenue, Caloundra. Or ask your local for one of our delicious spirits.